Mike Greenberg – The Bolder Banker

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Mike has been serving Colorado as a full service Mortgage Banker since 1974. Born in Brooklyn, he first fell in love with the Boulder area on a visit in 1972. The first look over Boulder from Davidson Mesa was all that it took for Mike to realize that this was going to be his new home.

His introduction to the mortgage business brought him the wealth of friends and business partnerships that have stood the test of time. The standards that made his business practice successful for many years, stand today as the model of ethical and honest treatment that clients deserve during the most important transaction and investment they have ever made.

Mike’s personal and caring approach to the mortgage process is based on an “on call” service and an “on time” commitment with a philosophy of success simply by working harder for you. He is proud to be able to share his experience and knowledge with you and your clients by his association with Premier Lending, LLC.

Mike’s style is personable, professional, approachable and at your service.


“I was referred to Mike Greenberg 7 years ago by my broker. He helped me then and I was very pleased with his knowledge and easy going personality. He was my first choice this time and I am glad to know him!”
- Theresa M.